From Oil & Gas to Large-Scale Solar

From Oil & Gas to Large-Scale Solar

This is part of a series of articles about “lessons learned” as a CFO/COO of a national solar developer.

 The “lessons learned” are built into  the Industry Specific Solar ERP software my company recently launched.

Not going all in on Land Acquisition? – The most valuable asset a Solar developer has is LAND! Most solar developers believe their primary role is to develop the land…it’s not, nothing happens without the land.

Fortunately the Oil & Gas Industry learned this lesson more than 100 years ago and they are very good at it!

This one skillset alone is a game changer when it comes to solar development…and it gives the Oil & Gas industry a leg up if they want to reap the rewards of this incredibly fast growing industry

The solar industry is expected to triple in size in three years! 

Yes it is true, triple in size in three years!

Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the Oil & Gas developers have a significant advantage over everyone.

Five years ago the Large-Scale Solar industry was still in its infancy. It still is, but with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the Federal Government opened up a “Gold Rush”.

The Oil & Gas Industry often views the solar industry in a negative light, but with the amount of money pouring in, now is the time to think more like a business person and less like a politician.

Like any other industry, there are many business models and they are dependent on the ability to finance the projects.

  • Selling land deals
  • The vertical Develop & Flip Model
  • The Horizontal Develop & Flip Model
  • And of course the Develop & Hold Model

Best of all for the Oil & Gas industry they all have the same thing in common…LAND

We at Dev/Hold ERP have developed an industry specific software system to support the entire industry.

This is particularly valuable to anyone in the Oil & Gas Industry taking advantage of the IRA by jumping into the Solar Development Industry.

We also built in a complete roadmap to the industry (Yes the process is different from Oil & Gas) and the “Best Practices” we have learned over the years.

We have Oil & Gas clients so we know what it takes to support their efforts. Between our structured software and our personal guidance, we make sure everyone succeeds.

Along with the software and our consulting we  have a series of articles to help everyone better understand the industry to see if it is right for them. 

If you are not sure or have too many questions, give us a call at 516-527-8390 for a “free of charge” consultation.

One word of caution “Do not try to do this without us”.

  1. How to Efficiently Manage the Site Development Process
  2. Ten Solar Development Pitfalls to Avoid
  3. Driving the Construction Process
  4. Land - Your Most Valuable Asset

And for those using the Develop & Flip Model

  1. Horizontal Dev Fees…a Primer for the Developer
  2. Top Ten Reasons to use Horizontal Dev Fees
  3. Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using Vertical Dev Fees

And for those wishing to go “all in”to the Develop & Hold Model (Recommended, but call Jeff 516-527-8390)

  1. Financing Large-Scale Solar
  2. Tax Equity Financing Simplified

And one last thought: The Cornerstone of the Large-Scale Solar business is LAND. 


Jeff Peterson


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